Tim McGrawFor Tim McGraw, one of the coolest things about playing a movie role is that he can completely alter his physical appearance ... and not be Tim McGraw. For his part in 'The Blind Side,' Tim had to shave off his trademark goatee and be clean-shaven, to look more like the character he was portraying.

"That's the great thing about movies -- I don't have to be me," Tim tells the Tennessean. "I look like a totally different person when I shave. That makes all the difference in the world on me. I like shaving too, because it's easier."

Tim also found his co-star, Sandra Bullock, easy to work with, although in contrast to Tim when it came to her appearance, she reportedly didn't enjoy dying her brunette locks blond for her role.

"Oh, she's great," says Tim. "She's very unaffected. Whether you're in the music business or the movie business, you run into characters, but she is definitely not one of them. She's just a very cool, friendly, down-to-earth person. For me, she always reminded me of my best friend's little sister."

'The Blind Side' is the true story about a traumatized, homeless teen taken in by a wealthy couple (played by Tim and Sandra) and given a second chance in life. In the movie and in real life, the teen grows to become a star athlete. The film opened in theaters over Thanksgiving weekend.