Tim McGraw is known to break up the occasional concert brawl, but is he breaking up his band, the Dancehall Doctors?

The country megastar took to this Facebook page to explain: "As some of you might know, there have been some recent changes in my band. Change can be hard, and it's not something you come to lightly. I couldn't be more proud of the music we've created together over the years, and I'll treasure the memories.

"I know you will join me in wishing everyone only the best in their future endeavors," he continues. "Thanks for all the unwavering support you've shown me over the years, and I can't wait to continue our journey ... See you all soon!"

Hundreds of fans commented with their bewilderment and support, but it's still unclear what sort of shuffle the band line-up is experiencing and which of the Dancehall Doctors will be going along with Tim for his upcoming tour. It's also still a mystery as to whether those leaving are doing so voluntarily.

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