Tim McGraw and Keith Urban are the major breadwinners in their respective households, according to a recent issue of PEOPLE magazine. The article examined the 2007 incomes of several celebrity power couples and found that two of the reigning male country music stars are earning bigger paychecks than their famous wives.

McGraw's $70 million paycheck, from sales of his platinum album 'Let It Go' and from the Soul 2 Soul Tour, beat wife Faith Hill's $49 million that she made from the same tour and from her album sales. Urban made $35 million, also from album sales and touring, narrowly beating out the $32 million his movie-star wife, Nicole Kidman, earned from movies and endorsements.

Men aren't always the biggest earners in the entertainment industry, however. While Brad Pitt made $35 million, compared to Angelina Jolie's $20 million, and Jay-Z's $115 million was more than double Beyonce's earnings of $54 million, some female celebrities do bring home more money than their significant others. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen made $33 million, while her boyfriend Tom Brady almost caught up to her with his $31 million. Jennifer Lopez almost doubled the income of her husband, Marc Anthony, making $20 million to his $10 million.