Singer-songwriter Tim Easton has just released a new album, and in a new interview, he says the project has made music fun again.

The musician is a recent Nashville transplant, living on the city's trendy east side. He was inspired to begin the new album after last year's Americana awards. "I was in the alley hanging out with Jason Isbell, and he had just won for best song," he tells CMT Edge. "I congratulated him . . . and was like, 'Hey, I’d better get to work. I’ve lived here a couple months. It’s time to make an album.'"

The resulting disc is one that he feels represents the best he has to offer. "Well, it’s actually more representative of the kind of album I listen to around the house," he observes. "It feels more enjoyable to listen to than some of the more confessional, singer-songwriter stuff from before I was a father. Now, it’s more about having fun and getting back into things because they’re enjoyable to do. I feel it’s more real than anything I’ve done before."

Easton adds that fatherhood has forced him to loosen up and have fun. "Yeah, you can’t help it," he reflects. "You don’t have time to wallow or think about your average bipolar situations. You’re thinking less about yourself and more about others. That’s probably the pathway to a better life, a more enjoyable life for everyone."

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