It's a girl -- with a cold little nose and black fur -- for married duo Thompson Square, Shawna and Keifer Thompson! The pair shot a video on their bus to introduce the new addition to their family, a cute little puppy they christened Etta. (Meet her in the video below.) The name is a tribute to the couple's favorite blues singer, the late Etta James.

"She's pretty bad right now as far as ... nipping," Shawna says as Etta demonstrates that behavior right on cue. "She's a biter," notes Keifer.

The pup, Keifer explains, is a schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier mix -- also known as a "schnorkie" -- and she's still being potty trained, which is keeping the pair on their toes while on their tour bus.

The puppy, who is just 11 weeks old, has already become quite attached to the duo -- and not necessarily in a good way. "She latched on Keifer's nose before we went on stage earlier," reports Shawna. Keifer is fine but remarks of the incident, "It was a real good feeling."

Seconds later, Etta is sinking her teeth into the jewelry on Keifer's wrist. "She eats everything," he says, a hint of exasperation creeping into his voice as he adds, "she had a cigarette butt in her mouth a while ago!"

In addition to bus travel, Etta is already racking up frequent flier miles, as witnessed by the photo the pair tweeted of her first flight. She's also been spotted backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. Presumably, Etta will also be along as mom and dad continue to open shows for Lady Antebellum. Click here for more tour information.

Meet Thompson Square's Puppy