It's been a tough few weeks for Thompson Square. After their tour bus was involved in a crash in Colorado on April 17, the husband-and-wife duo have revealed that their entire home was destroyed by flooding.

While they were out on the road, a water leak in their upstairs bathroom went unnoticed for days ... and did some serious damage.

“[Shawna's] mother went to the house to let somebody in to do some work, and she stepped into ankle-deep water," Keifer Thompson tells ABC News Radio. "Literally destroyed the house. It’s all down to studs. It’s been a nightmare.”

As if that wasn't bad enough, one of the workers backed a truck into the front porch, destroying that as well.

“I’m just like, just burn it down," Thompson adds. "What else is next? I’m waiting for lightning to strike.”

Still, the couple is trying to maintain a positive attitude about the situation, even with the setbacks.

”It was so cute. One of the guys that came out to help us clean it out, he was like, ‘I can’t believe stuff like this happens to people like Thompson Square!'” Shawna Thompson recalls. “We’re just normal people like everybody else!”

Her husband also has found a silver lining in the catastrophe: They're spending most of the summer on the road.

“It’s not like we were gonna see the house anyway!” he quips.

The Thompsons have only been living in the house for a year and a half. Almost everything, including their furniture and rugs, was destroyed. Fortunately, their ACM and CMA Awards were salvaged, though the envelopes with their names listed as Duo of the Year winners weren't so lucky.

Thompson Square's latest single, "Trans Am," from their upcoming new album, is currently climbing the charts. Download the single on iTunes.

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