After winning Single of the Year for his song "Die a Happy Man," Thomas Rhett returned to the CMA Awards stage to perform the popular song.

Rhett's stage design for the touching song inspired by his wife was simple: He stood in front of a standing microphone while on a smaller circle stage surrounded by fans. The singer basked in a single spotlight as fans held up their cellphones and swayed with the music. Rhett wore a black leather jacket as he strummed on a white guitar that gleamed in the bright light.

Rhett is a four-time nominee at this year's CMA Awards. "Die a Happy Man," which blazed up the charts in 2016, was nominated for both Song of the Year and Single of the Year; at the time of his performance he already won the latter.

Rhett will be heading out on his first-ever headlining tour in 2017.

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