There are few things more beautiful than the perfectly in-sync vocals of Oklahoma-bred duo the Swon Brothers, made up of real-life brothers Zach and Colton Swon, and they're sharing a stripped-down performance of 'Pretty Beautiful' exclusively with The Boot.

This version of the tune makes their vocals shine; the brothers both strum acoustic guitars, and a very small backing band fills out their sound. It turns the romantic ballad into something really intimate and special -- and any girl watching can almost feel the two singers crooning to her.

The Swon Brothers' self-titled debut album hits the streets on Oct. 14, and their debut single, 'Later On,' was released earlier this year. Even though they have been singing together since childhood, the brothers got a huge boost from Blake Shelton, who was their coach on the NBC show 'The Voice,' where they finished third during Season 4.

“From day one, Blake definitely guided us. I know the cameras have stopped rolling, but he’s still mentoring, still coaching, as a friend,” Colton says. “He just told us, ‘Man, you’re the ones that got to sing these songs for the next 20 years if it’s a hit. Be sure that they’re songs you want to sing and that it’s something you want to say.’”

'The Swon Brothers' is available for preorder on Amazon Music, where a full album stream is being offered now through Oct. 13. All advance orders will receive an instant download of ‘Pretty Beautiful.’