Australian bluegrass band the Stetson Family are about to make a big splash in the United States. The five-member group have released their latest album, 'O Winding River,' which they hope will invite new listeners from halfway around the world.

"We've played some big festivals and events in our country," band member Nadine Budge explains. "But we'd never actively pursued a US fan base. Silly when you think on it, especially since this style of music crosses so many boundaries."

The Melbourne-based group, who played at last year's International Bluegrass Music Association festival in Nashville, say their latest 12-track album is the perfect record to attract fans from all over the globe.

"'O Winding River' allows us to show a bit of stretch material-wise," Budge adds. "Like any artist, we develop over time, and this project is a nice mix of where we've been and where we're going."

The Stetson Family, who maintain a busy touring schedule Down Under, have already begun thinking about their next project. "In late-breaking news, yesterday we stepped back into the studio to lay down the first notes of a new album," they revealed earlier this week on their website. "Exciting."

Listen to the title track of 'O Winding River' here, or click here to purchase the entire album.