Bluegrass duo the Roys are set to release their upcoming album 'The View.'

The project is set for release in September and features 11 new compositions from the duo, made up of brother and sister Lee and Elaine Roy.

Lee and Elaine collaborated with some of today's most popular songwriters, including Steve Dean, Larry Alderman, Jenee Fleenor and Keesy Timmer, as well as Josh Thompson, for the new songs on the album.

"Elaine and I poured our souls into this project," Lee says. "We focused hard on writing what was in our hearts, used our band throughout, and recorded and produced it in our studio. It's a bit unnerving to throw so much of ourselves out there, but we wanted this album to tell the Roys' story."

The album's title track was composed with the help of Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry icon "Whisperin' Bill" Anderson. The song serves as a tribute to the Roys' grandparents, painting a picture of their final resting place at Saint Mary's in New Brunswick, Canada.

"For years, our fans have been telling us they really love the songs we write," Elaine says. "We really wanted to explore... This album, more than anything we've done so far, has our signature on it -- from beginning to end. We are very proud and excited for our fans to hear it."

The Roys, 'The View' Track Listing:

1. 'No More Lonely'
2. 'Those Boots'
3. 'Heaven Needed Her More'
4. 'Sometimes'
5. 'Live the Life You Love'
6. 'The View'
7. 'No More Tears Left to Cry'
8. 'Northern Skies'
9. 'Black Gold'
10. 'Mended Wings'
11. 'Mandolin Man'