Dallas, Texas-based duo the O's -- made up of Taylor Young (vocals, guitar, kick drum) and John Pedigo (vocals, banjo, lowebro, harmonica, tambo) -- are premiering a brand-new track, "Retribution," from their forthcoming record, Honeycomb, exclusively on The Boot.

"Retribution" is full of jaw-dropping banjo, being played almost faster than listeners' ears can comprehend, no-frills vocals and searing lyrics (for example, "Well, we always seem to rally / Behind the ones who tell the most lies"). Press play below to hear the new tune.

Young and Pedigo formed the O's in 2008, but they'd known each other for some time before that, as the two singers had both been part of numerous other groups, including the Polyphonic Spree, Young Heart Attack, Slick 57, Rose County Fair and Hi-Fi Drowning. Honeycomb, which is set for release on Feb. 5, will be their fourth studio album -- and the recording process was not without drama. A flood destroyed the studio that the O's were booked to record in, so the band moved all of their gear into a cabin behind the River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, Texas, lived there for two weeks and completely immersed themselves in making the album.

"The album sounds like the collective experience of just being out there, cooped up in these little cabins," the guys explain. "We were sleeping five feet away from where we recorded. We would wake up and jump right into it: grab a beer, record for 12 hours, pass out for five hours, wake up again, grab a beer and start recording again. At the end of the day, it sounds exactly how we felt.”

The O's have shared the stage with artists such as Little Big Town and the Turnpike Troubadours. Visit WeAreTheOs.com for more information on the duo, their upcoming shows and more.

Listen to the O's, "Retribution":