Not many celebrities give out their cell phone numbers to fans. But The Lost Trailers do -- all in the name of their live show. The band is encouraging fans at their concerts to send song requests via text message to their 'Trailer Phone.'

"It's a mutual relationship," lead singer Ryder Lee tells GAC of their fans. "They're there for us, and we're there for them, and our set list is a reflection of that. So if a fan wants to hear something during a show, they can just send us a text at 615-708-9463, and we will add that song to the set list right then, because we have the phone on stage."

"It's really cool in a club, where you're up close and can see everybody," adds guitarist Stokes Nielson. "Recently we got a text during the show, and when we started playing the song, I saw this woman react, and she started telling her friends and showing them the text. It was awesome."

The Lost Trailers are celebrating their first-ever Top Ten single with 'Holler Back,' the title track to their new album. Watch the video here.