The Lacs have revealed the details for their third studio album. The follow-up to the highly successful '190 Proof' will hit retail in August via Average Joes Entertainment.

Produced by Shannon “Fat Shan” Houchins and Phivestarr Productions for BackRoad Records, 'Keep It Redneck' will be be available for pre-order at iTunes on Tuesday, July 30.

“The Lacs have grown exponentially in the past couple of years and are poised to grow even more with the release of 'Keep It Redneck,'” Houchins, who is the CEO of Average Joes Entertainment, says in a press release. “They know and understand the importance of giving their fan base what they want musically and do exactly that with this new album.”

The Lacs -- consisting of Clay Sharpe and Brian King -- have built a sizable and very loyal following through word-of-mouth, social media and their live shows. Their music is an amalgam of country, Southern rock and rap. Their sophomore album '190 Proof' has logged 68 straight weeks on the Billboard Country Albums chart. They have sold more than 200,000 albums to date.

'Keep It Redneck' is slated to drop on Aug. 20.

The Lacs, 'Keep It Redneck' Track Listing

1. 'Keep It Redneck'
2. 'Kick Dust' (Featuring Noah Gordon)
3. 'Great Moments In Redneck History #3'
4. 'Shichya'
5. 'Make Things Right'
6. 'Smoke Stack'
7. 'Rusty's Junk Shack'
8. 'Empties'
9. 'Get Lost'
10. 'All Weekend Long'
11. 'ReLacs' (Featuring Sarah Ross)
12. 'She's Runnin''
13. 'Memory'
14. 'Tylenol'
15. 'Field Party (Remix)' (Featuring JJ Lawhorn and Colt Ford)
16.  'Kickin' Up Mud (2013)'