It's not everyday you hear that a British country band is making waves in the U.S., but The Dunwells are doing just that with their new single, "If I Could Be a King." The energetic, fearless song is the opening track on the group's re-released debut album, Blind Sighted Faith. (Listen to the tune below.)

Listen to "If I Could Be a King"

A family act from Leeds, England, the Dunwells consists of brothers Joe and David Dunwell, their cousins Jonny Lamb and Rob Clayton, and longtime friend Dave Hanson. Joe explains that the countrified magic the five guys made on their new song was somewhat serendipitous.

"'If I Could Be a King' was originally written as a waltz," he recalls. "Jonny started [makes drum noises], I started playing the acoustic guitar and singing along with it. And the banjo made it on the song completely by accident."

"I saw the banjo in the corner and I picked it up and fiddling about with it," David adds. "Then suddenly everybody stopped and went, 'The banjo -- that sounds great! That needs to be on the song.' I went, 'Really?'"

Yes, David, really.

Watch the Dunwells Talk About 'If I Could Be a King'