Oklahoma-bred duo the Damn Quails, individually known as singer-songwriters Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White, have been described as a "young band with old souls." Their live shows, in addition to drawing rabid fans, are routinely backed by an ever-changing roster of their peers from other bands, known as the Quail Philharmonic. It's a fortunate by-product of the wildly popular Red Dirt country music scene, which boasts other phenomenally successful acts such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and the Stragglers and the Great Divide.

It was Great Divide frontman Mike McClure who signed the duo as the first act on 598 Recordings, his label venture with Oklahoma businessman Chance Sparkman. The Damn Quails label debut, 'Down the Hatch' was co-produced by McClure with Joe Hardy, who runs Billy Gibbons' Foam Box Studio and has recorded everyone from ZZ Top to Steve Earle to the Replacements.

Although their live show, which is buoyed by a repertoire of some 40-plus tunes, can be unpredictable, and includes songs they both have penned, one aspect of the duo's collaboration is perhaps even more surprising. Earlier this year, Bryon White revealed he and his partner have never written a song together.

"I've always been a loner songwriter," Bryon told the Oklahoma Gazette. "We write individually, really, and kind of bring it together onstage. It's kind of weird, I know."

Weird maybe, but it works. 'Down the Hatch' is a sweet, folk-infused blend of high energy and cool harmonies. Hear one of our favorite tracks from the album, 'Quicksand,' below.

'Down the Hatch' is available here. The Damn Quails -- and the Quail Philharmonic -- are on the road. See their upcoming tour schedule here.

Listen to 'Quicksand'