The Contenders, a duo made up of guitarist and singer Jay Nash and drummer Josh Day (who has worked with Jennifer Nettles and Sara Barielles) are premiering a new song, "Line Across the Water," and they're letting The Boot's readers hear it first.

"Line Across the Water" touches on the sometimes-bleak situation that our world is in today, and it calls for everyone to band together and keep hope alive, even during the very dark times when it can seem almost obsolete.

"There's a line across the water / There's a darkness in the sky / And it's time to seek a shelter for the night," they sing. "Somewhere in the distance, they keep the hope alive / If we all band together, we can see the light."

Nash and Day's harmonies weave in and out, creating an intricate yet bold sound that will keep ringing in listeners' ears. Plus, the message that the song portrays carries weight and is food for thought.

"I must admit, I have and have lived a very blessed life," Nash tells The Boot. "I make my living doing something that I love, and that fills me up spiritually and emotionally. That said, it's hard to shake the notion that we are living in dark times. It is feeling more and more as though so many components of humanity are broken and in shambles. There’s a growing divide between the haves and have nots. I know that we actually live in a time of relative peace and prosperity, however, thanks to the modern miracle of digital communication, bad news travels faster than ever."

The Contenders are hopeful that "Line Across the Water" will be a beacon of positivity and encouragement: "Why should we fight for the cause / If we might die and end up alone? / You've got to keep your head right / You've got to keep your cards close / Don't let the fire die," they sing in the bridge.

"There is no shortage of terrifying notions to keep us up at night. Nobody is bulletproof, and everybody gets lonely once in a while," Nash continues. "We need each other. When we all can admit that, hope will overwhelm us.”

The Contenders released their debut EP, Meet the Contenders, in 2014. They are currently on tour with the Milk Carton Kids and will hit up the 2015 Americana Music Festival in Nashville this September before heading to Europe. While across the pond, they'll preview songs from their upcoming full-length sophomore record, expected in the winter or spring.

Tour dates are available on the Contenders' website. Fans can purchase Meet the Contenders via iTunes.

Listen to the Contenders, "Line Across the Water":

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