California-based "epic Americana" quartet the Brevet are preparing to release a new EP, Embers: Ch. 2, on Aug. 5, and in advance of its release, the up-and-comers offered The Boot an inside look at the project's five tracks.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Aric Chase Damm, pianist Michael Jones, drummer David Aguair and bassist Ben Ross make up the Brevet. The band -- which takes its name from the military warrant that gives an officers a higher title as a reward for their exceptional service, but without the authority and elevated pay of that ranking -- previously released a full-length album, Battle of the Heart, in 2013, and their music has appeared on 90210Growing Up Fisher, the MLB Network and more.

Damm and Jones first teamed up in seventh grade, recording a CD and selling it to their classmates. In college, they scored short films, and they officially formed the Brevet following graduation.

“It’s always been a DIY effort,” Jones says. “This is totally our vision, created and presented by us. There’s a purity to that approach that we take pride in.”

Embers: Ch. 2 is available for pre-order on iTunes. Readers can flip through the photo gallery above to learn more about each of its songs, as told by Damm.

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