The Breedings are a sibling duo consisting of Willie and Erin Breeding. Born in Lexington, Ky., the pair both spent time in the Northeast before joining their talents in 2008. They currently reside in Nashville.

Their debut album, 'Laughing at Luck,' was more of a rock-edged production, but the Breedings' upcoming sophomore effort, 'Fayette,' leans more toward classic country, while still featuring the trademark blend of their voices and the melodic qualities of Willie Breedings' songs.

Directed by Will Morgan Holland, the 'Calm' video features a simple, black-and-white look that perfectly underscores the stark emotion of the song. Written by Willie Breeding, 'Calm' provides a subtle showcase for Erin's straightforward, yet powerful lead vocal, and the siblings' perfectly-blended harmonies.

'Calm' is the first single from 'Fayette,' which is slated for release on Aug. 6. The Breedings will support the release with performances up and down the East Coast. Keep track of their shows here.