New sibling trio The Band Perry are counting down the days until October 5, when their self-titled debut album hits stores nationwide. "I've been saying it's 'slated for release' up until about a week ago, but now it's in stone ... it's coming out!" Kimberly Perry gushes to The Boot. "We are so excited about it. We're on the road now, but we've got to get back to Nashville to put the finishing touches on it. We are dangerously close to finishing this record."

While the majority of the album is complete, Kimberly and her brothers, Neil and Reid, have been continuing to write as well as getting songs pitched to them from publishing companies around town. "We're going to go back in and maybe cut just a couple of more tracks," Kimberly says. "We're even down to writing the 'thank you's,' which were turned in this week."

Kimberly admits that coming up with the album's liners was nearly as hard as picking the songs for their debut effort. "We've been out on there and doing this for 12 years in October," she says. "There's so many people who have bought t-shirts or sold t-shirts along the way. Each person has put a print in our careers. We have a lot of people to thank. We're just brainstorming on how we can put that all on there. We're going to have a novel for our album liner!"

'If I Die Young,' the Band Perry's latest single, which Kimberly penned, is quickly nearing the Top 20 on the country charts. The trio had the opportunity to perform it live on the Opry earlier this year. "It was huge for us to play it on the Opry stage," says Kimberly. "Of course, as country artists, you always aspire just to put a toenail on that stage, so to play possibly our favorite song [there] was a really cool moment for the three of us."

Although mum on details of their fall tour, Neil acknowledges the rest of the year will be amazing. "We are so excited about it," he says with a grin. "Right now all we can say is we will be on the road for the remainder of 2010 ... and we will be able to buy Christmas presents this year!" [laughs]

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