The Band PerryKimberly Perry of The Band Perry is used to cutting up and having fun with her two brothers Neil and Reid, who are also part of their family band, but lately she's had to get used to something else when appearing out in public with them -- getting out of the way! It seems both Neil and Reid have begun to attract their fair share of fans of the female persuasion -- although in different age ranges apparently -- and they often ask Kimberly to step out of the way or to take the picture of them with her brothers!

"We love being out and getting to meet all the folks at our shows, and the boys really love meeting the girls," Kimberly tells The Boot. "The ladies really love Neil and Reid. Neil, well, the girls love him ... and Reid, now he gets the cougars!"

Reid has his own explanation as to why the more "mature" set of female fans seem to take to him instantly. "It's probably because I have hair like in the '70s ... it reminds them of back then!"

Look for The Boot's full exclusive interview with the Band Perry next week!

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