The Band Perry have released their latest single, 'Chainsaw.'

Playing the role of the unstable ex-girlfriend in the song, Kimberly Perry sets herself up as a country singer not to be messed with. While the woman-scorned theme is about as new to country music as driving your pickup truck with the windows down, the band put their own spin on the sub-genre.

The lyric centers around a woman who won't be happy until she cuts down the tree where she and her now-ex once carved their names in a heart with an arrow through it: "Love is shady, love is tragic / It's hard to bury the hatchet / Holdin' a chainsaw."

The tune was penned by Shane McAnnally -- who is also responsible for 'Pioneer' and 'Better Dig Two' -- along with Josh Osborne and Matt Ramsey.

The band are currently on their We Are Pioneers Tour, and will be joining Blake Shelton later this summer when he hits the road on his Ten Times Crazier Tour.

Listen to the Band Perry, ‘Chainsaw:’