The Band Perry have released the video for their latest single, 'Chainsaw,' and apparently they took the song's title to heart.

The video begins with a man calling Love is Shady Tree Service, asking if the company can cut down a tree for him that is "bringing back some bad memories." Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry can then be seen trekking through the forest in an old green Jeep, chopping down trees with initials of couples that serve as painful reminders of lost love.

"We are a tree service for the brokenhearted," Neil Perry tells CMT of the video. "The brokenhearted call us and tell us to cut down the tree where they carved their name and the name of their exes. We cut the tree down and end the bad relationship ... forever."

While several trees were cut down during the filming of the video, the award-winning trio say they took great care to protect the environment in the process.

"This video was shot on a farm in Oregon where trees are harvested for multiple uses," they explain at the end of the video.

"The Band Perry deeply respects the environment, and encourages you to visit, to learn more about planting trees in your area."

Stihl, Inc. offered the chainsaws that were used in the video, and agree that great care was taken by all parties involved.

"The cool thing about it is, we're on a managed piece of property where the land owner was going to harvest all of these trees anyway," Roger Phelps, promotional communications manager for Stihl Inc., says. "So the three trees that have been selected have already been slated for use either in lumber or telephone poles or something along those lines."

'Chainsaw' is the fourth single from the trio's No. 1 'Pioneer' album. The Band Perry are currently headlining their We Are Pioneers Tour, before they serve as the opening act on Blake Shelton's Ten Times Crazier Tour. A complete list of all of their upcoming shows is available here.