Taylor Swift may have an illustrious career, but she admits that most of her success happened without much planning on her part.

"People analyze my career, and they give me a lot of credit for things that have happened accidentally," she tells the London Times. "I created my MySpace page in eighth grade, because that's how all my friends talked to each other, so I made one, too. All of a sudden, my friends started putting my songs on their profiles, and then their relatives, their friends in different states did. And by the time I went to my first radio interview, I already had this grassroots following. But that was an accident."

That grassroots following has turned into a record-breaking career for the teenager, who is clearly still in touch with her youth. Partnering with Verizon Wireless, Swift is holding a contest to see which high school can send the most text messages by March 23. The winning school receives a free concert by Swift. The contest is limited to Verizon Wireless customers, and each person can enter a maximum of 100 texts.

For more information on how to enter the contest, visit www.taylorswiftconcerts.com.