Taylor Swift is breaking musical records around every corner that she turns, making headlines for her rapid rise in the music world at such a young age. But the 19-year-old's dad, Scott Swift, says his daughter's success was actually a long time coming, as she practically started her career when she was running around in diapers!

"It's Taylor doing what she likes to do," Scott tells the Newark Delaware Post, explaining that Taylor has been singing since she was three years old. The future superstar's parents first learned of her writing talent when she was in elementary school, after a teacher told them there was something different about their little girl. "We had a kid that was really passionate about it [writing], Taylor's dad explains, "and when she was 13 she got a development deal at RCA."

Scott Swift admits that after his daughter signed her RCA deal, it was confirmation that "maybe she wasn't crazy, because her writing is why she got it."

That talent for writing has led to more than 10 million albums sold and the bragging rights of being the biggest-selling artist of any genre in the entire world this year. Taylor's the first to tell you she also owes a lot of that success to her family. She dedicated the song 'The Best Day' to her mother and writes about her father saying, "I have an excellent father; his strength is making me stronger."