Taylor Swift is known for her romantic love songs that capture both the joys of love won and the heartache of love lost. But her most personal love song isn't about a past beau -- it's about her best friend, her mom.

'The Best Day,' from Swift's new album 'Fearless,' chronicles her devotion to her biggest fan.

"I finished the song secretly [and] recorded it completely without her knowing," Swift tells The Boot. "I synched it up with all these home videos of me when I was little with her, and on Christmas Eve I put it in the DVD player. She didn't know that it was me singing until about half way through the song, at which point she burst out crying."

Unlike many daughters, Swift says she never rebelled against her mom. There was simply never any need!

"The coolest thing about my mom is she's always been so real with me, and she's been honest with me no matter what," she says. "Even when I was pre-teen, that's when I needed her the most. That's usually when people are [in the] too-cool-for-their-parents stage. Well, I was really not cool enough for anyone but my parents in that phase. I had no friends. My mom was the one person that I could turn to and who never, ever hurt me."

It may be Christmas time, but 'The Best Day' sounds like the most perfect Valentine ever.

"It's probably one of my favorite songs that I've ever written," Swift gushes. "My mom and I have been best friends since I was born. So I'm really glad that I got that down on CD."

Buy 'The Best Day' on iTunes

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