With sales of more than 592,000 copies in just one week, Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' has made the highest debut of a country album this year. The sophomore CD from the teen country sensation is sitting pretty at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Top Country album charts this week.

"Every single song has a face attached," Swift writes of the album on her MySpace page. "They're all about people. Some even mention names. But most importantly, these songs tell my stories.

"These songs tell the story of my freshmen year of high school, and the day I met Abigail. They tell the story of the guy who apologized over and over again without ever meaning it. The story about saying goodbye to someone when you don't want to, because you can't breathe without them. The story of the boy who never realized he was with the wrong girl, and that the right one was right there in front of him. The story of my childhood, and the moment I realized my mom was the best friend I'll ever have. The memories of running and laughing and having the best days with her."

Swift's 'Fearless' had more than three times the sales of the CD in the No. 2 slot, 'American Idol' alum David Archuleta's self-titled debut. It's the fourth highest debut of the year in all genres, falling just behind Lil Wayne, AC/DC and Coldplay.

Swift also takes the No. 1 spot on another list his week -- the country singles chart, with her latest hit, 'Love Story.'