Taylor Swift, Bill ClintonWhile Taylor Swift was in New York City for the Met Gala and Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People event this week, she called attention to the flood crisis in Middle Tennessee. Not only did she talk about it repeatedly with media crews on both red carpets, but she even stopped in the middle of her set to give a special tribute to Nashville from the Lincoln Center stage Tuesday night.

"We all live in Nashville, Tennessee, and before we play our last song, I would just love it if I could give a shout-out in a room where we have the most influential people in the world," stated Taylor, whose captivated audience included former President Bill Clinton, pictured with her above. "Nashville just had the worst storm that we've ever had in the history of the city, and the Grand Ole Opry is underwater. So, if you could please keep Nashville in your thoughts and prayers, that would be wonderful. I would really appreciate it!"

The room was packed with guests from the worlds of entertainment, art, business and politics, including Elton John, Martha Stewart, Betty White, Prince, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Lorne Michaels, Gayle King, Glenn Beck, Matt Lauer and Richard Branson, along with heads of virtually every media outlet in the U.S.

Taylor is back on the road with her Fearless tour Thursday (May 6) in Des Moines, Iowa.