Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were spotted on a very public date over the weekend. Speculation has been circling for weeks on a possible Taylor-Taylor love connection, ever since the two filmed their roles as high school sweethearts in the movie 'Valentine's Day.' The buzz continued when the country songbird gave the 17-year-old heartthrob a prolonged hug, caught on camera at her concert in Chicago.

On Sunday, PEOPLE reports that Taylor (the singer) and her driver picked up the 'Twilight' actor at a Los Angeles airport and headed straight for the Staples Center, where they took in a hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Later, the two were spotted by fans in the lobby of a hotel in Beverly Hills. Taylor, according to a fan, "was all dolled up and looked super pretty, and didn't seem to mind the attention. Taylor Lautner was hiding under a hoody."

Whether life is imitating art is not known -- the two could very well just be friends! So far, the two Taylors are staying mum on the nature of their relationship.