Taylor Swift and Taylor LautnerTaylor Swift recently spent a jam-packed weekend in Chicago, with an agenda which included a sold-out concert, a visit with Oprah Winfrey and a chance to indulge in her favorite food, Chicago-style pizza. But it was one of her guests at Taylor's show -- one who's also named Taylor -- who had everyone buzzing.

Upcoming big-screen co-star Taylor Lautner, was seen enjoying the music from his front-row seat, to the delight of frenzied females in the audience. But for Taylor (the singing one, that is), it was just another day at work.

Referring to 'Valentine's Day,' which teams her with the 17-year-old star of 'New Moon' (the upcoming second film in the 'Twilight' series), Taylor tells Chicago station US 99, "We shot it a couple months ago. We have a small-part situation where we're two high-school teenagers and we're a couple. It's pretty funny. It's definitely a very comedic scene, so I can't wait for people to see it."

The prolific songwriter and tireless entertainer admits the demands of her schedule, including recently adding more dates to her 'Fearless' tour, have kept her from writing something for the film, but she's still hopeful she'll be able to contribute something to the soundtrack. "I don't know. It's really one of those things where I really haven't had time to do much of anything besides tour lately, but I would absolutely love to, so I'll start thinking of stuff."

'Valentine's Day' features an all-star cast that also includes Bradley Coper, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway. and several other big Hollywood names. The film hits theaters Feb. 12.