"Having my first hit song was absolutely amazing," Taylor Swift recently gushed to MTV about her breakout single, 'Tim McGraw.' But it was her debut album's second single, 'Teardrops on My Guitar,' that gave her an even bigger first.

"To see a song that had already been on country radio cross over to the pop charts and become a top five record was absolutely unbelievable to me!"

Swift started singing, writing and playing music at a very young age. So young, in fact, that her first guitar was bigger than her!

"My guitar was definitely bigger than I was," the now 5-foot-11 singer recalls. "I guess the weight of the guitar doesn't really matter as much when you're doing something you love."

The country sensation started applying her love of music to her love life when she was 12 years old, writing a song about a boy she had liked since the fourth grade called 'So Happy.' But don't expect to hear it at a Taylor Swift concert anytime soon.

"It's not a good song at all," the now 18-year-old singer admits.

Swift's more recent firsts are a little less typical of the average teenager -- appearing on MTV's 'TRL' show as the first-ever country star to co-host, and shooting her first magazine cover for Blender.

"I've never been on the cover of anything, so I'm gonna go to the newsstands and buy 50 copies," she said.

Last but not least on Swift's list of firsts: the Nashville native recently shot a cameo scene for Hannah Montana: The Movie, due in theaters next May.

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