No matter what she says or does, Taylor Swift just can't escape the persistent rumor that she's dating fellow musician Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. While the official word from Taylor's reps continues to be that the two teens are "just friends," Taylor will neither confirm nor deny the relationship, and tells Nashville music writer Margy Holland that even though she knows people are interested in her romantic relationships, she wants to keep the focus on her music.

"Lately I get a lot of questions about my personal life and it's just like I have an album coming out that I'm so excited about and my music is my personal life," says the 18-year-old Swift. "I talk about everything in my music that I don't feel like I necessarily have to ... If I was in a relationship I would never want to pimp it out," she adds with a laugh.

Taylor says she learned a lot from watching Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's romance unfold in the public eye. "I realize that people are gonna talk about my personal life and that's part of what I do, but I really, really look up to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman because they didn't confirm that they were dating until they were married, and that way the focus stayed on Keith Urban's music and the focus stayed on Nicole Kidman's movies. And I think that that's a really cool thing that they did."

Swift's highly-anticipated album, 'Fearless,' featuring the single, 'Love Story,' hits stores November 11.