The Kennedys have been called America's royals, and even music stars are fascinated by the political dynasty. The latest to fall for their Massachusetts charm: Taylor Swift, who has struck up a friendship with director Rory Kennedy and even penned a song about the iconic family.

Over the weekend, Taylor attended the Sundance premiere of Rory's new HBO film about her mother, 'Ethel,' and in an interview with ABC News, the youngest daughter of Robert F. Kennedy explained how she and the country superstar came to be buds.

"She really just loves my mother which is so sweet," Rory said. "I'm a huge fan of hers, I have young girls and we had been to a few of her concerts. I met with her at one of them and she had read a ton of books about our family. She was inspired and wrote a song."

If and when Taylor records the tune, it's a safe bet she won't enlist any actual Kennedys to help with the vocals.

"My uncle Teddy, he had a good voice," Rory said. "We are actually terrible, terrible singers but we love to sing."

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