Taylor Swift put in a surprise guest appearance on Saturday night's (April 12) episode of 'Saturday Night Live.'

The country-pop superstar popped up unexpectedly during the first few minutes of the show, during the opening monologue by host Seth Rogen.

The bit first featured unannounced appearances from actors Zooey Deschanel and James Franco, who walked on and offered to help the comic actor with his opening. As he heatedly insisted he didn't want their help, Swift appeared from out of nowhere, saying, "He said he doesn't need any help!"

When Rogen asked what she was doing there, Swift replied, 'You were getting really upset -- and whenever a man shows emotion, I appear."

She also introduced the night's musical guest, her Red Tour opener, Ed Sheeran.

Swift has previously appeared as the musical guest on 'SNL,' and also hosted the show in 2009.