Nathan Chapman Taylor Swift's producer Nathan Chapman, who has only been producing for six years, is up for two of the biggest awards at this year's Grammy Awards: Record of the Year for 'You Belong With Me' and Album of the Year for 'Fearless.' He tells The Boot that though it is amazing just to be nominated, he really does want to win.

"Every time it crosses my mind, I get butterflies, because I can't anticipate what it will feel like to hear the nominees called out," Nathan says. "I want to win -- not out of disrespect to the other people in the categories, but because the Grammys mean a lot. And if I don't, a Grammy nomination means enough to feel like a win. But a win would feel really good!"

Nathan attributes part of he and Taylor's success partly to their naiveté. "We were young and both focused on the music and didn't have any business or political things getting in our way, and we've been able to maintain that," Nathan insists. "Being in the studio with her is an amazing experience, because she continues to write better and better songs, the more she finds out who she is as an artist and who her fans are. And she continues to amaze me with how great the songs are, so when we get in the studio, it's nothing but fun because to work on great songs is every producer's dream."

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