Taylor Swift and Uncle CrackerTaylor Swift recently picked Uncle Kracker's hit 'Smile' as her No. 1 song on her own iTunes celebrity playlist, saying, "This song has been known to turn cloudy days into sunny ones for me, just because it's that happy. It makes me think of whomever I'm thinking of and smile."

Kracker tells The Boot he's flattered Taylor likes the song and he's a fan of hers, too. But it meant even more to him that his kids were now impressed with his career since he'd received props from one of their favorites. "I've never crossed paths with Taylor Swift, but my kids are huge fans of hers. And I'm a fan as well, but it meant more to me that my kids read about that! That's when my kids finally realized what I do. You think they get it, and you hope they get it, but you know deep down they don't really get it. Then they see stuff like that and it really kind of blows their minds! So that scored huge points for dad!"

'Smile,' from Uncle Kracker's latest album 'Happy Hour,' was recently certified gold, selling in excess of 500,000 copies and is currently a Top 10 hit.