Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift can already be seen as the face of LEI jeans and has collaborated on its line of sundresses, which is currently being sold exclusively through Walmart stores nationwide. With Taylor achieving her goals as quickly as she puts them on her list these days, it's no wonder why the sky's the limit for the 19-year-old.

"[My goal is] to make sure that with everything I do, it's something I care 100 percent about," Taylor tells InStyle magazine.

So what's next for the CMA Entertainer of the Year? Maybe her own line of perfume!

"I've loved perfume since I was little, and when I'm in a store it's the first thing I gravitate to," she says, as she pulls out a bottle of Givenchy Hot Couture from her purse. "The process might be so much fun. I'd name it something based upon one of my songs!"

For now, Taylor's latest hit 'Fifteen' is in the Top Ten (and climbing!) on the country singles charts.