Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is sporting a new look in her Got Milk? ads for the Body by Milk campaign. This is not the first time she has touted the benefits of drinking milk. The 20-year-old appeared in her first milk mustache ad back in 2008, and this time, she states, "Drinking three glasses a day gives you protein that encourages lean muscles and calcium which gives you strong bones. So, milk is definitely a priority for me."

The new look is actually from her original photo shoot a couple of years ago, just in a different outfit. In the first one, she wore a short beige dress, and in this one she's wearing a silver, scoop-neck top and jeans. The then 18-year-old shot a video of her dressing room and the clothes she had to choose from for the milk ad, including what looks like 20 pairs of the "craziest cowboy boots ever made in the history of boots," numerous belts, sundresses and more.

Taylor recently finished up her Fearless tour, but you can still find the singer-songwriter in the pages of your favorite magazines sporting the famous milk mustache. This week, the young superstar has been busy in the recording studio working on her third studio album, the follow-up to the multi-platinum selling, record-breaking 'Fearless' album.

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