Taylor SwiftIf you want to check out what Taylor Swift has been up to in 2010 thus far, just check out her MySpace page where she's updated her blog and also uploaded photos taken with her brand new camera.

The 20-year-old also gives thanks the month of January, which she's luckily had off from the road and from media appearances. "I have walked on snow-covered grass and discovered new coffee shops and laughed hysterically with friends about things that probably weren't technically funny," writes the superstar. "I've written songs on napkins and sat at a giant table with my whole family on mother's birthday, all of us in one place for the first time in too long."

Taylor also states that she's had time to look back and take stock of all of the wonderful opportunities she's been given and "celebrate it the way it deserved to be celebrated."

Fans will be happy to note that Taylor has also been in the recording studio working on the follow-up to the multi-platinum, 'Fearless.' "I've made new music," she writes. "I've gone over the memories and jumped up and down with my producer and floated around with nothing on my schedule other than just appreciating what my life has somehow turned into. So thank you for giving me so much to be thankful for this January. Thank you beyond what I know how to say."

Among the photos Taylor posted were of members of her band, her mother Andrea sporting a tiara for her recent birthday, her father Scott in the studio, her younger brother Austin and Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, as well as photos of NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Taylor returns to work later this month with her appearance on the Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, followed by her Fearless tour trek to Australia, beginning Feb. 4 in Brisbane.