Currently ranked No. 4 on Forbes list of richest country artists, Taylor Swift can certainly afford to buy anything she wants. But just because she doesn't have financial worries, that doesn't mean the teen superstar isn't conscious of her millions of fans who might.

With an empire that includes two multi-platinum selling albums, record-breaking ticket sales and a new fashion line, Taylor keeps everything surprisingly affordable. Her sundresses sell for a bargain price of $14. Each concert has ample $20 seats, and she has no plans of raising prices anytime soon.

"It was really important to me to keep my prices affordable," she tells the Seattle Times. "You look around, and it's impossible to ignore what's going on with the economy now. I'd rather have people walk away and go, 'Wow, I got more than what I paid for.' It's a big priority to me to say thank you to the fans that got me here. I'm going to spend my whole life trying to think of ways to say thank you to them."

Not that lowered ticket prices mean a cheaper show. Currently headlining her first tour, Taylor admits she has waited her entire, albeit short, life for this chance. "I'm so excited about it," she says of her show, which includes a fairy tale-type castle, giant video screens and multiple costume changes. "It's what I've dreamed about since I was a little girl. I planned it out, down to every single thing that I do. I'm completely obsessed with this tour."