Taylor Swift is no doubt a country singer, but that doesn't stop her from crossing paths with musicians in other genres. Recent collaborations include rapper T-Pain, rockers Def Leppard and pop star Colbie Caillat. Taylor explains that she likes to expand her musical horizons for both professional and personal reasons.

"I love making new friends," the teen superstar tells The Boot. "I respect people for a lot of different reasons. Great music doesn't have to fall in one category or one genre. I love appreciating all kinds of music."

The singer goes on to say that she appreciates country radio and her fans for allowing her to step outside the lines. "Country music is obviously my favorite, that goes without saying. But I've always loved John Mayer, and I think T-Pain is brilliant," she says. "Getting to work with people like that has been really really fun for me. It's something I've always wanted to do.

"When I'm writing a song, the process doesn't involve me thinking about the demographic of the people I'm trying to reach, or who I want to relate to the song, or even what genre it falls under," Taylor continues. "When I write a song, the only person I'm thinking about is the person I'm writing the song about and what I want them to know. It's about what I wish I could tell them to their face, but I'm gonna say in a song instead. For me, music is more like a diary, a confession; music is a way of verbalizing things I feel, but I can't say."

Taylor must be feeling pretty good these days. She has sold more albums than any other recording artist (of any genre!) in the entire world this year.