Taylor swiftTaylor Swift's challenge to a pair of college boys -- help an old lady cross the street -- has been completed, and they went further than even Taylor thought possible.

The feel-good story began when Ryan Leander, Michael Wekall and their videographer pal, Matthew Mahaffey, created a website in an effort just to get a hug from their favorite singer. Taylor saw their documentary videos and issued them the first of several challenges on her website. The guys from Alabama rose to the occasion and didn't just help one "little old lady" across the street, but took to their Facebook and Twitter pages to ask their followers to do the same and to videotape their good deeds.

The boys also threw a parade. "We got word that a 91-year-old lady who used to be a professor here at Auburn [University] was game to do this," Michael tells Tonic. "So, with the help of some friends, we got Aubie our mascot and about 50-60 people to come and make our challenge a party with some Auburn flair."

What started out as a simple request has grown into something none of the participants could have imagined. "Watching [Taylor] say the website name was really kind of awesome," Michael says. "We set out to get this hug thinking, 'OK, yeah, this is possible' ... I mean who can say they got to play a game with the biggest singer in the world right now? It has been so incredible."

Taylor also went on her Twitter page to congratulate them. "Last week I challenged these guys to help an old lady cross the street. Never expected to see this level of greatness."

The boys have also been keeping up with a little boy named Tanner, who recently got to not only meet Taylor and her mother Andrea, but got more than one hug from the singer, along with some amazing memories. His mother sent in a letter to their website to document the entire evening.

The Auburn students are now awaiting their second challenge from the object of their affection.