Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is sure to be blown away once again by the completion of the second challenge issued to Ryan Leander and Michael Wekall, the college boys from Auburn University who created a website in a quest to receive a hug from the superstar.

Last week, Taylor handed out challenge No. 2, which was to "incorporate the most creative [use] of 13," since her lucky number is 13. The guys accepted the challenge and have already been posting videos, including one of Tanner, the little boy who they have spotlighted on their website a few times. Tanner has been lucky enough to meet -- and hug -- Taylor, and he and his parents created a video showcasing the number 13. He bought 13 balloons that cost $13, then attached 13 tags and wrote "Vote ACM.com, Taylor Swift, Entertainer of the Year." He then released the balloons into the air. The boys have urged their followers to submit a one-minute video to be included in the completion of the second challenge.

Michael and Ryan have posted a preview of challenge No. 2, the next chapter "in the Taylor Swift saga," which features the words "donuts" and "green screen." All should be revealed on ... you guessed it, April 13!

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