Taylor swiftTaylor Swift should be overwhelmed with the completion of the second challenge to Ryan Leander and Michael Wekall, the Auburn University students who are seeking a hug from their favorite superstar. The challenge Taylor issued was to incorporate her lucky No. 13 into whatever may do, and incorporate they did! The boys, who created a website for their quest, accomplished 13 tasks, which they featured in their new video.

Task No. 1 was to give 13 donuts to a friend, while Task No. 2 was to help pick up trash, which just happened to be at a Taylor Parts store on North 13th Street.

The rest of the tasks:

No. 3 -- Pay for $13 worth of gas for a stranger (on pump 13, no less).

No. 4 -- 13 roses for the little old lady they walked across the street.

No. 5 -- Donate food to a local food bank.

No. 6 -- 13 people, 13 Diet Cokes and one special ingredient, which was putting Mentos in the bottle to make the bottles fizz up and explode in front of their school.

No. 7 -- 13 places to hug Taylor Swift, which included Venice, the pyramids in Egypt, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Hawaii, Sydney, Australia, the Hollywood sign, a cruise ship, on board a space shuttle, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, downtown Nashville and Auburn University (accomplished by using images on a green screen, in front of which Ryan and Michael superimposed themselves).

No. 8 -- 13 people in 1 car (with Ryan and Michael in the trunk).

No. 9 -- A special shirt for Taylor ("A Hug from Taylor Swift," with the No. 13 on the back).

No. 10 -- 13 people crashing a pool party at 1:13 PM.

No. 11 -- The top three videos from fans featuring the No. 13.

No. 12 -- Get a kid to meet his favorite baseball player, who happens to be No. 13 on Auburn's baseball team.

No. 13 -- Board a small four-person plane and fly over a field where 13 cars were placed in the No. 13 position, with a heart in the middle.

By the way, the guys posted the video to their website on April 13! Next up will be Taylor's response to the second video and several more challenges for the guys on their journey to get a hug from her!

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