Three arrests were made outside of Taylor Swift's sprawling Rhode Island beachfront estate on Sunday night (June 15), but thankfully, the songstress does not to appear to have been in any imminent danger.

According to Rhode Island's Westerly Sun, one of Swift's security guards, Ryan Poirier, contacted police after two males and a female allegedly threw beer bottles toward him, and then gave him the middle finger while shouting expletives.

All three people -- named by the newspaper as Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan J. Kading, 28, and Emily E. Kading, 26 -- were charged with disorderly conduct.

A police officer called for backup after Horrigan ran in the direction of Swift's home. The three were promptly taken into custody and transported to the police station, where they were released with a promise to appear in court at a later date, and to stay off the property.

This is not the Pennsylvania native's first problem at her Rhode Island home. A man was arrested last year for trying to swim up to her estate, and another man was charged with trespassing earlier this year, after repeatedly trying to enter her property.

The 24-year-old acknowledges these incidents are a high price she pays for her fame, but she insists she doesn't focus on them.

“There are a lot of them," she concedes. "I just try to be safe and be conscious of people around me … It’s something you just have to deal with. It’s the price you pay for getting to do what you love. You can let it take over your life and make you fearful all the time, or you can live your life in spite of it.”