Kanye West obviously didn't put Taylor Swift in too bad of a mood. Just about 24 hours after the rapper stole the country star's thunder at the MTV Video Music Awards, TMZ reports that Taylor hit up New York's Serendipity 3 restaurant with actress Emma Stone, dining on cheese raviolis and sodas. Well, Taylor not only picked up the $60 tab for the two of them, but she left a whopping $24 tip. How's that for an act of kindness, in the wake of having her once-in-a-lifetime moment so cruelly snatched from her before a TV audience of millions?

According to US Magazine, the country superstar also enjoyed a Kings of Leon concert Monday night, where she ran into Chace Crawford, who made a bee-line for her, giving her a big hug and a pep talk. "I'm so proud of you," the 'Gossip Girl' actor reportedly told Taylor. "Don't let anyone take your spotlight ever again." According to Taylor's friends, Chace has always been "like a big brother, and very protective over her." Taylor also once told Your Prom magazine that Chace was her "celeb dream date for prom."