Imagine waiting nine months to see your favorite singer in concert, and then having to miss the show because you've been hit by a drunk driver on the way there. To say that would be heartbreaking is an understatement.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Michelle Schulze and her 13-year-old daughter Summer on their way to see Taylor Swift perform Sept. 3, 2011 in Sacramento, Calif. The tickets were a Christmas gift to the teen, who idolizes the country powerhouse. But during their two hour drive to the show, a man who'd passed out at the wheel slammed into them. Luckily, both mom and daughter survived, but they were badly injured.

KOVR-TV/Sacramento, Calif., reports that a California Highway Patrolman who assisted on the scene of the crash was moved by the strength of the Schulze ladies. In the midst of what Officer Mike Lowry calls "one of the worst" accidents he's seen, the injured teenager gave him a smile. "It was like she was trying to be the strong one to not let her parents know how hurt she was," he told the TV station. (Watch a clip from the newscast below.)

It was that smile that prompted him to pursue contact with Taylor's camp, which with the help of the TV station and radio station KNCI, led to a special surprise. The dedicated group secured Summer some autographed merchandise from the country star, as well as tickets to a concert, if Taylor returns to Sacramento in 2013.

As for Taylor, she is currently taking a break from the road. You can hear a cover of her No. 1 hit, "Mean," during an episode of "Glee," airing May 15 on FOX.

Watch the KOVR-TV/Sacramento Report

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