Besides being able to sing the songs she writes from the heart for millions, Taylor Swift says there's something else she totally loves about being famous -- surprising strangers when they least expect it.

"Now I'm in a better position to be a bigger tipper when I'm out at a restaurant. People don't expect it, and you can make their day," Taylor told Britain's Daily Star Newspaper. "I like going through Starbucks drive-through and paying for the person behind, just because it's nice."

But even though she enjoys treating unsuspecting strangers by picking up the tab, Taylor still considers herself very frugal, when it comes to handling her own personal finances.

"I think it's crazy as a star that you get free stuff, when you can afford it," the savvy 19-year-old notes. "I don't spend a lot of money. My dad is a financial adviser and has given me a lot of advice."