Taylor Swift has the support of an unlikely ally -- Eminem. In the August issue of Spin Magazine, the outspoken rapper sounds off about the Kanye West incident last year, in which the hip-hop star hijacked Taylor's acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"He shouldn't have done that, man," Eminem tells Spin. "I mean, she's a little girl." Kanye's interruption was followed by Kanye's stating that Beyonce should have won the award for her clip for 'Single Ladies,' leaving the audience to sit in stunned silence.

Eminem's words of encouragement will mean a lot to the 20-year-old superstar who previously opened her shows with a cover of Eminem's 'Lose Yourself.' "I was just this young girl playing a guitar so to get myself noticed, I would come on and rap," Taylor tells the Sunday Mail. "And it worked -- people remembered me."

The issue of Spin magazine arrives on newsstands on Monday (July 26), while Taylor's hotly-anticipated third album, 'Speak Now,' hits stores October 25.

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