Taylor SwiftAll performers have them -- gigs they'd just as soon forget. For Taylor Swift, hers came just as she entered her teen years.

"When I was 13, I would play anywhere," Taylor said during an appearance on the Jay Leno Show. "I would go to these bars, and I would play these acoustic shows. I remember this one time I was playing at a bar at a rock festival. I was standing up on stage, and my guitar was bigger than I was. I was standing on stage, and I [said], 'This is a song I wrote about a boy in my class ...' There were all these guys standing there holding their beers yelling, 'Take your shirt off!'"

Taylor's come a long way since playing those seedy bars. Last month, she sold out her headlining show at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., where she'll take her Fearless tour next June. Taylor will become the first female solo artist to headline a show at the stadium.