Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift will now be in the hands of her youngest fans quite literally, when the Taylor Swift Doll Collection Assortment from Jakks Pacific hits stores next year.

Little girls will be able to play with Performance Taylor dolls that sing a 30-second highlight from one of five Taylor hits, including 'Teardrops On My Guitar' and 'Love Story.' Each doll will be dressed in the outfit Taylor wore in the song's corresponding video, according to Oklahoma City's Examiner.com.

The dolls will also come with accessories, of course, including a guitar and a hairbrush to style that long, curly mane. A second Taylor Fashion doll line will include dolls such as the Sundress Medley doll and the Red Carpet Ready doll, featuring outfits worn by Taylor at awards shows, TV appearances and concerts. (No word on whether a separate "stylist doll" will be available to help Taylor get ready or if a Taylor Lautner doll will be available for a date!)

The Taylor doll will also be able to sing in her own recording studio playset, featuring a recording chair, microphone, headset, laptop, frame and rug. Fashion packs of accessories and a wardrobe storage case with hangers and one complete outfit will be available as well. Jakks launched the line at Wal-mart stores, which will carry the new assortment.

The Taylor Swift Doll Collection Assortment is due in the spring of 2010.